Value Your Trade

Land Rover OK

We’re always looking for used vehicles
in good condition. Whether you trade
or sell your vehicle to us outright
we’ll give you excellent value.

We’re always looking
for used vehicles
in good condition.
Whether you trade
or sell your vehicle
to us outright we’ll give
you excellent value.

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Value Your Trade at Land Rover Oklahoma City

If you’re looking to upgrade your current ride to something newer and better, you can get started by finding out the value of the model you own. Here at Land Rover Oklahoma City, we’ll value your trade and give you cash.

Whether you plan to use your vehicle as a trade-in or you want to sell it for cash, you’ll get a fair deal with Land Rover Oklahoma City. You can find the value from the comfort of your home with our Value Your Trade. It only takes a few minutes to find out how much your vehicle is worth with some basic information.

How the Value is Determined

The value of your vehicle is determined by specific details, such as the year, make and model. The mileage and condition of the vehicle are also calculated. Factors other than your vehicle contribute to the final value, including the history of the popularity of this model and current demand.

Car values fluctuate based on how demand changes for the model. Demand may be higher in one region than in another and go up or down week to week. Value Your Trade keeps the offer the same for seven days once you’ve input the information. You can print off your offer and bring it to Land Rover Oklahoma City to trade it in or sell it to us for cash.

Value Your Trade is different from using the Blue Book to estimate the trade-in value. Those values are just a range based on a few factors. Value Your Trade is looking at your specific vehicle. As long as you have input the correct information, the offer will be the same when you bring your vehicle to our dealership.

What Happens Next?

Once you have an offer, you bring it to Land Rover Oklahoma City within seven days. Our team will inspect the vehicle and ensure all information was correct. Then, we’ll hand you the cash. If anything was incorrect, we’ll correct it and let you know the new offer.

Once we verify your offer, you have one day to redeem it or it could change. You must also stay within 50 miles after the inspection or your offer might be different. Not every model will qualify for Value Your Trade. However, your vehicle doesn’t have to be in prime condition for it to meet the requirements of the offer.

Your Choice to Redeem

Once you visit Land Rover Oklahoma City with your offer, you have the option of using it as a trade-in on a newer model or taking the cash. You’ll need to have the title and registration of the vehicle and a copy of a photo ID as well as the keys. Clean out the car and include any owner’s manuals. We’ll hand over a check that you can use any way you want.

Let Land Rover Oklahoma City help you trade in your vehicle and get a newer ride. Value Your Trade online and find out just how much your vehicle is worth.