Range Rover: Best Choice Among the Competition

2021 Land Rover


Land Rover celebrates the release of one of its most versatile SUVs to date with the 2021 Land Rover Discovery. This year the Discovery has had a few features completely redesigned, including a new center console, a new front fascia, and an overall lower, wider stance. The Discovery has been a tried-

Land Rover’s newest Ranger Rover for 2021 is definitely already turning heads given its charismatic and unsurpassed nature. Watching the legacy of the Range Rover continue through a new decade is sure thrilling, and many other automakers make attempts to follow in its footsteps, but don’t quite follow up. Comparing the Range Rover to other luxury SUV models, the Mercedes-Benz G Class and the Lexus LX, we see that there are a fair number of shortcomings when put side-by-side. Find out why the Range Rover is your best-in-class option for Luxury SUVs, and how its specs outperform others at nearly every turn.

Bold Design Loyal to the Classic Range Rover

Although the Range Rover has evolved substantially since its early days, the 2021 model certainly doesn’t stray too far away from the signature Land Rover look that has gained the vehicle high notoriety. Although the Lexus LX and the Mercedes G Class function under a specific aesthetic, its no doubt that the Range Rover exudes style and sophistication over the entire bunch. Its athletic honeycomb style grille couples with the signature Range Rover graphics poised between two LED headlights equipped for maximum visibility.

The interior of the Range Rover is one of the brand’s best yet. The inside pushes the highest level of minimalism for a clean but warm feel. Two rows of seats give both driver and passengers a ton of leg, head, and shoulder room. The back row of seats is foldable in a 60/40 configuration to allow for a maximum 59.8 cubic feet of cargo space.  You’re in full control from your cockpit, where you can control multiple climate zones, interior ambient lighting, and even folding and unfolding the seats.

Modern, Elegant, Technology

Among the three models, the Range Rover takes a minimalistic look at its console configuration. Devoid of buttons or knobs, the horizontally oriented touchscreen is embedded in the leather-wrapped dashboard, making the cockpit permanently uncluttered. In an effort to ease distraction, knob and button controls have been moved lower on the center console in between driver and passenger. This is in sharp contrast to the Mercedes G-Class and the Lexus LX, which although still elegant, both seem to just have too much going on for their central control system.

The infotainment system utilizes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay which gives you quick and easy access to all your favorite apps, navigation, phone calls, media and more. An available entertainment system also comes with the Range Rover which is not available on the G-Class or Lexus LX, which comprises of additional screens on the backs of the front row and an upgradable speaker system.

Undeniable Performance

The push between the three vehicles lie in their overall performance. The Range Rover excels in gas mileage at 21 mpg highway compared to the G-Class’s 19 mpg and the Lexus LX 16 mpg. The gas tank in the Range Rover is also the largest, and therefore possess the best driving range. In spite of its lesser horsepower engine, the Range Rover also is able to tow a maximum 7700 pounds vs both the G-Class and LX’s 7,000 pounds.