Oklahoma Bakeries

Best Bakeries in Oklahoma City, OK

Stop in one of the local bakeries in Oklahoma City for a quick breakfast on the go. Perhaps you’re in search of a bakery to make a special cake or other sweet treats for a special occasion or event. You’ll quickly discover there are a lot of wonderful choices for the best bakeries in Oklahoma City.

Flower and Flour

While you might not always think of coffee and flowers, this bakery and florist shop is a fabulous multipurpose business. Walk in and you’ll get a modern yet vintage vibe with the cute store/gift shop/bakery/coffee shop/flower shop. Enjoy all the traditional drinks you’d expect to find in a coffee shop, pairing your drink of choice with a scone or other made-from-scratch pastry.

Sunshine Baking Company

Start your day here with a breakfast pastry and cup of coffee. Enjoy options like muffins, scones and croissants to begin your morning right. For those with a sweet tooth, the cinnamon rolls, peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies are always a big hit. A clean, inviting place with friendly service make this bakery one you will want to return to on a regular basis. The food is always fresh and items taste like you would expect with flaky croissants, sweet rolls and brownies and even biscuits and gravy.

Ling’s Cakery

This small bakery features fresh baked items with the matcha cake being quite popular. Parking is limited, but the prices are reasonable. You’ll find quite a variety, including crepes, mochi, and egg tarts. Since many items are bite-sized, you can order more than one, which is important since you’ll likely have trouble narrowing your selection down. Whether you’re in the mood for savory or sweet, you’ll find something unique here.

Ingrid’s Kitchen

This German bakery is filled with delicious smells and tastes with both takeout and sit-down dining. A staple in the area for more than 35 years, this place includes American and European dishes as well as traditional German fare. Recipes are authentic with old-world charm that makes everyone feel like family. Along with baked goods, Ingrid’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with a weekend buffet and brunch. To top off the experience, you can enjoy live music on Saturday nights. Cakes are as beautiful to look at as to eat while the selection of cookies is vast.

Whipped Bakery Café

Enjoy a wide selection of items on the menu at this cute little bakery and café. Start your day off right with a range of coffee choices, from fresh brewed to frappes and lattes. The café side serves lunch sandwiches, but don’t forget dessert with fresh pastries that range from cookies to croissants. Located on the northwest side of the city, the bakery is open from 7AM to 4PM every day but Sunday.

Next time you’re in the mood for a fresh-baked treat, visit one of these bakeries in Oklahoma City. You won’t be disappointed with the selection or the flavor, which will surely tempt your taste buds.