LR Holland and Holland Range Rover

When the Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations department decided it wanted to build the most luxurious Range Rover ever, they partnered with another iconic British brand, Holland & Holland. The result? The perfect vehicle for our sporting customers who appreciate the truly finer things in life.

What makes the Land Rover Holland & Holland Range Rover different from all other Range Rovers? We are glad you asked!

The Holland and Holland Range Rover has an exclusively unique Holland & Holland Green exterior paint, a grille that matches the same green color with metallic highlights, and Holland & Holland badging on the tailgate and side vents.

Open the door of the Holland and Holland, and the luxuries continue to reveal themselves. Each door handle is engraved with the Holland and Holland acanthus scroll that appears on Holland and Holland shotguns. The espresso and tan color scheme compliments the French Walnut wood trimmings that are present throughout the vehicle. There is also branded stitching on each seat, illuminated treat plates on each door sill that bears the Holland and Holland trademark, distinctive floor mats, and countless other sophisticated additions that constantly remind you that you are in the presence of greatness when you are riding in the Holland and Holland Range Rover.

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Holland and Holland Range Rover

If you would like to get more information on the Land Rover Holland and Holland Range Rover, or schedule a test drive, let us know. One of our salespeople will contact you shortly to make sure you get everything you want.
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