EV Charger in Oklahoma City, OK

Land Rover EV Charger near Oklahoma City

EV Charger at Land Rover Oklahoma City

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common on the roads today, so naturally, charging stations are also more in demand. If you live in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, or Norman, one place you can charge your electric or hybrid vehicle is Land Rover Oklahoma City.

Charge Your Land Rover

Land Rover’s plug-in hybrids are usually charged at home. Generally, this is the cheapest and most convenient way to charge your hybrid. There are ways to charge your hybrid that are faster still, especially if you get a professionally installed home charger. The government’s mandates to increase the production of electric vehicles can help with the installation cost of your home charger unit. The chargers we recommend are safe to use in all weather conditions, so whether it is a rainy day or sunny, you’ll be good to go with electric.

When you set up your charger, you also save money. Plugging in is less expensive than driving a gas or diesel-fueled vehicle each day. Charging at home means you also pay less than charging at a public charging station and if you use an off-peak electricity tariff, your cost goes down more still.

If you are unable to get a home charger, your standard domestic sockets that are used for your everyday household items can also charge your vehicle, albeit at a much slower rate. Typically, 0-100% for seven hours is what you can expect. When using this kind of socket, an optimal mode 2 cable is available to purchase separately.

Charging Away from Home

With electric vehicle numbers on the rise each year, the infrastructure for public charging stations is also growing. More charging places are available to charge electric vehicles. Today, you can find charging stations at public car parks, shopping centers, hotels, and many other places, making it easier to recharge. Many businesses are beginning to offer charging stations as well so employees can charge up while working. Destination charging places often require you to use your own charging cable, which is included when you purchase a Land Rover plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV).

Monitor and Control

A smartphone can be used as a tool to monitor and control your charge. Downloading Land Rover’s InControl App will send the status of your charge to your phone. That way, you can plan your time more productively so you can get back on the road quickly. At home, the app can monitor the daily window of off-peak electricity and largely less expensive EV tariffs that many home energy providers offer.

Average Charging Times for Range Rover Vehicles

Our PHEV vehicles do not necessarily charge at the same rate, nor do they have the same range, but here is an idea of what each PHEV vehicle’s charge times and ranges are for Range Rover models.

New Range Rover: EV Range 70mi.  AC home/Public charging 0-100% from 5 hrs. DC Rapid 0-80% from 60 minutes.

New Range Rover Sport:  Range 70mi – AC home/public charging from 5 hrs. Rapid DC from 40 minutes.

Range Rover Velar: Range 38 miles – AC home/public charging from 2 hrs. 16 min. Rapid DC from 30 min.

Range Rover Evoque: Range 39 mi. – AC/home from 2 hrs. 12 min. – Rapid DC Rapid DC from 30 min.

Land Rover Discovery Sport: Range 37 – AC/home from 2 hrs. 12 min. – Rapid DC from 30 min.

Land Rover Defender: Range 27 mi. – AC/home from 2 hrs. 30 min. – Rapid DC from 30 min.