Best Bakeries in Tulsa

Best Bakeries in Tulsa

Tulsa is the second largest city in the entire state of Oklahoma. As such, there is a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the perfect bakery. From sweets to savory goods, customized events, baked breads or outstanding coffee, there are a wealth of options for you waiting in Tulsa to satisfy any craving for baked goods.

Little J’s Bakeshoppe and Coffee

The ownership team at Little J’s Bakeshoppe and Coffee is comprised of four lifelong friends with a passion for baking looking to perfect their craft and bringing their love of pastries to Tulsa. Tucked into a small strip mall on Sheridan Road, the menu is huge and reflects the outstanding range of each of the pastry chefs. Pastries include danishes, cinnamon rolls, muffins, twists, and more. Cookies of all types are also available, along with dozens of choices of local coffee blends and roasts. For the non-savory items, Little J’s has breakfast burritos and mini-quiche available if sweet treats are not your forte.

St. Amon Baking Company

Pastry Chefs Sarah and Jean-Baptiste Saint Amon bring the best tastes of French bakeries to the streets of Tulsa. Being from France, authenticity is the most important to the ownership duo, and as such keep their pastries free of chemicals or preservatives used to enhance flavor, and locally source their ingredients wherever possible. Their menu is festive and diverse, with cakes, pies, eclairs, crème puffs, croissants, filled croissants, cheese quiches, and more. The also have many options available for homemade bread, including focaccia with your choice of topping, delicious brioche loaves, croissant loaves, or handmade white bread.

All Things Cake

All Things Cake was started in 2010 by owner and operator Jenna Strenstrom in the heart of Tulsa. Today, Jenna continues as a great success in the city as one of Tulsa’s premiere choices in custom cakes and desserts for all occasions. Weddings, graduations, showers, and so much more are covered by All Things Cake, they can also help you with planning, provide smaller scale tasty treats, and more. The team is comprised of talented bakers and decorators waiting to help you make your next event laden with only the best desserts! All Things Cake also provides baking and decorating workshops and have a ton of baking and decorating essentials on sale.

Big Baby Rolls and Donuts

Big Baby Rolls and Donuts is one of Tulsa’s newest additions to their already booming bakery scene, and the shop offers several unique characteristics to help set them apart. The bakery not only offers traditional donuts, but offer several menu items that are gluten free, and even donuts that are 100% vegan. Cinnamon rolls, cakes, donuts, fritters, bear claws, long johns, and more are available for people with allergens and dietary restrictions, and puts Big Baby Rolls and Donuts an essential visit for everyone. The fun doesn’t stop at just pastries, because they also offer savory menu items including various breakfast rolls filled with your choice of jalapeno, sausage, cheese, and more.