2022 Range Rover Evoque vs. BMW X3

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2022 Range Rover Evoque vs BMW X3

2022 Range Rover Evoque vs. BMW X3

Sporty styling, modern amenities, and advanced technology make the mid-size luxury SUV a premium ride. Two of the top leaders in this category are the Range Rover Evoque and the BMW X3. Consider what each has to offer and how they compare to know the right choice for you.



Primed for Power

Both the Range Rover Evoque and the BMW X3 offer peppy performance on the highway. Both models offer about the same horsepower, but the Land Rover provides more torque at 269 lb.-ft over 258 lb.-ft for the BMW. Each model is an inline-four engine and comes with all-wheel drive. Transmissions are similar, but the Evoque provides a nine-speed over the X3’s eight-speed version. This same model features a slightly larger fuel tank as well.

Designed for Performance

One look at each of these models, and you can see the aggressive look and capable image. Both models are made to tackle the challenges of the road. With a slightly higher ground clearance, the Range Rover Evoque can take on more terrain. At the same time, this model is slightly thinner in overall width, making it easier to fit in tight spaces. The Evoque is also trimmer in height and length with a shorter wheelbase. However, it can fit five adults comfortably.

Advanced Technology

Both models are sure to appeal to drivers with the latest in technology. Comparable infotainment systems ensure you are always connected with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to sync your smartphone with the SUVs. Each system includes a large touchscreen with voice control. Range Rover Evoque keeps you online with a data plan based on your unique needs. Expand your entertainment with SiriusXM satellite radio. Bluetooth connectivity is standard on both models across trims.

Driver-Assisted Safety

Land Rover and BMW make use of the latest in safety technology to make drivers feel more secure on the road. Both models feature the basics on all trims, such as front collision warning, blind spot detecting, lane departure warning, and speed limit information. The Range Rover Evoque also monitors the condition of the driver to ensure they are alert enough to keep driving. A 3D surround camera allows you to see all around the vehicle. The speed limiter function is helpful if you plan to let someone else drive the Land Rover, especially a teen driver. Use this system to set a maximum speed, which cannot be exceeded.

Both the Range Rover Evoque and the BMW X3 provide all the basics for an enjoyable driving experience. You’ll find a few more amenities with the Land Rover and a little extra in the performance area. To check out this model in person, stop by Land Rover Oklahoma City for a test drive. Let us help you make this exceptional compact sport utility vehicle your new ride.