2022 Land Rover Discovery vs. BMW X7 vs. Lincoln Navigator

2022 Land Rover Discovery vs BMW X7 vs Lincoln Navigator

Land Rover Discovery vs. BMW X7 vs. Lincoln Navigator

When looking at full-size three-row SUVs in the luxury segment, you’ll find a few names that stand out. The Land Rover Discovery is often a surprising addition to the category, which includes big names like the BMW X7 and Lincoln Navigator. However, Land Rover holds its own in this group and even stands out from the competition in several areas.



Pricing Competitors

When you look at the 2021 BMW X7, which is priced at $99,800, you’re not surprised to see it categorized as a luxury model. The same holds true for the Lincoln Navigator with starting prices around $76,700 and going up to near the BMW mark. What is shocking is that the Land Rover Discovery starts at about half the BMW price at around $52,000. Even the high-end trim is priced below the other models’ starting points at just over $69,000.

Luxurious Comfort

While the Navigator offers seating for eight over the seven-seater of the Land Rover Discovery, it beats out BMW with room for six. Both the Land Rover and Lincoln offer leather seating for the base model while BMW provides leatherette. Though the Discovery is smaller than the other two models, it is still competitive with passenger room. For front and rear headroom, the Land Rover beats out the Lincoln. This model will find it easier to fit in tight spaces as well with a smaller turning diameter than either of the other SUVs.

Premium Performance

One of the main differences between the Land Rover Discovery and the Lincoln Navigator is the fact that four-wheel drive is standard for the Discovery. You’ll enjoy superior capability out on the road in all kinds of situations. Land Rover provides a higher combined MPG to help you bypass more fuel stations at 21 MPG over the Navigator with 18 combined MPG.

Part of the reason for this efficiency is that the base model of the Land Rover features a turbo premium I-4 engine compared to the V8 and V6 engines of the BMW and Lincoln models, respectively, which is ideal if you don’t need the excess power for carpooling and commuting. To keep you traveling further between stops, the Discovery comes in with the biggest fuel tank of the three. Land Rover also provides more capability with the best trailering capacity at 6613 pounds.

Even at a lower price point, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery offers no compromises when it comes to amenities. This model includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to connect your smartphone with an 11.4-inch touchscreen. Listen to your music through the Meridian surround sound system while using 2D and 3D maps to find your destination. These maps automatically update to ensure you have the latest information at your fingertips.

If the Land Rover Discovery sounds like the ideal choice for your next family ride, check it out at Land Rover Oklahoma City. Stop by for a test drive today and let it win you over as your next new ride.