2021 Discovery Sport

2021 Discovery Sport in Oklahoma City

If you see the new 2021 Discovery Sport and its LED headlights, 12-way electric front seats with 2-way manual headrests, heated, electric, power-fold door mirrors with approach light, and auto-dimming driver side, you will want to have it! This new machine that boasts a leather steering wheel and two-zone Climate Control with second-row vents is available to you for a test drive at Land Rover Oklahoma City.




The new 2021 Discovery Sport allows you to see past your passengers and their gear through its ClearSight Interior rearview mirror. With a car that delights every cruising with the exceptional rear load space for your family essentials, you will have an unobstructed view, regardless of what or who is behind you. Bringing home those bulkier, more significant items, such as a surfboard, can be easier when you utilize more of the 39.7 cubic feet of space available apart from the four seats. Without your keys, this machine allows you to enjoy your daily commuting through its optional Activity wristband. You have a fully-waterproof, robust wearable that you can use to lock and unlock your Discovery Sport even when you leave your keys safely locked in the vehicle. Discover more in your nightly adventure with its distinctive wraparound LED headlights that offer greater visibility when you need it most. Your cruising can only get smoother and simpler with a range of features designed to enhance your driving experience.

2021 Discovery Sport For Sale in Oklahoma City

Technologically-Enhanced Interior

Get going in your adventure for a fully connected journey with the latest in-car artificial intelligence that offers you features like the self-learning navigation system. The new 2021 Discovery Sport and its telematics, infotainment, and several other modules keep getting better as they stay up to date remotely through Software Updates, which gives your car optimal performance. What about accessing further connected services? Get instant access to online calendar synchronization, weather forecasts, and unlimited streaming media through a built-in SIM card in its Online Pack features. You can also power your compatible smartphones without the need for a charging dock or wires with its wireless charging with phone signal booster, using your car’s antenna for more explicit calls and enhanced signal. Get all these features with you and your passengers’ wellbeing through the optional Nanoe ionization for cabin air purification. Your car’s specially designed filter captures fine particles from the outside air like pollen and dust by activating the PURIFY button.

Performance and Capability

Keep exploring any surfaces, including snow or grass, with the help of All-Wheel Drive of the new 2021 Discovery Sport. Optimize your car with one of four driving modes to match the demands of the terrain. Your car will choose the most suitable driving mode for you by Terrain Response 2, taking the system to the next level as it monitors the driving conditions. Drive confidently through the water with its Wade Sensing that handles water crossing as this machine alerts you if the water depth approaches the vehicle’s maximum wading depth. Select from a selection of towing and carrying accessories to enhance further your car’s versatility since the Discovery Sport can tow up to 4,409 lbs. Configure your preferred characteristics to your specification, like steering and suspension through the touchscreen.

Visit our impressive inventory at Land Rover Oklahoma City to discover the new 2021 Discovery Sport’s perfect combination of practicality, style, and performance.